Meet Your Experienced Project Management Team

We have a dedicated Project Management Team that is available on a full-time basis to ensure supervised installations and complete documentation of job progress at every phase of the project. Our experience in performing thousands of installations has resulted in an install project process that is second to none. We understand the role proper installation plays in ensuring your mobile computing solution delivers the intended results. A poorly installed solution suffers greater downtime. It leads to failed components, increases user inconvenience and can ultimately lead to an IT project failure. To prevent this, we have developed an install process that involves detailed steps that include:

  • User Involvement Kickoff Meeting – Prior to beginning an install project, we prefer to meet with your project manager to discuss logistical and ergonomic details of the project. Ensuring the installation does not interfere with any other elements of the installation process helps to avoid unnecessary re-work, re-engineering, and re-installation.
  • Proper Documentation – Work order authorization forms are utilized prior to beginning installation work on any vehicle that identifies the vehicle and components to be installed.
  • Quality Control Check Sheet – After completing the installation, a quality control inspection is performed utilizing an item checklist developed during the Kickoff meeting. When inspections are completed, we present the vehicle to you for initial approval.
  • Final Documentation – Upon completion, FMT will provide a document package containing the work order, FMT check sheets and test results, and a form with your written authorization. This provides you with a complete document package for use with tracking your IT projects and maintaining vehicle history files.
  • Customer Comment Card – When delivered, your vehicle will have a customer comment card hanging from the mirror to give you and your vehicle users an opportunity to provide feedback on our service delivery.