Professional Installation That Meets Your Needs

First Mobile Technologies has completed over 70,000 installations, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Police Administration (marked and unmarked)
  • Emergency command posts
  • Fire Trucks (all major manufactures)
  • Ambulances (all major manufactures)
  • Heavy Equipment, electric line trucks, gas/utility vehicles, forklifts, etc.
  • Boats
  • Transit and school buses
  • Insurance industry vehicles

With assistance from our sister company, First Vehicle Services, FMT has established a nationwide presence of installation teams. Our skilled professionals utilize separate and distinct wiring to create reliable and repeatable installs that are separate from the factory wiring harnesses. This experience allows FMT to reduce down time, perform easy diagnostics, and avoid more costly repairs. Unique in every way, FMT stands alone in the industry as an unprecedented provider of state-of-the-art installation services.

Our dedicated employees have given FMT the edge in engineering quality products, utilizing the best materials, and providing stellar customer service.

Most important to the installation process is FMT’s Project Management Team, which is available on a full-time basis to ensure positive results. FMT also provides complete documentation for the entire installation contract. We understand the importance of expert supervision to ensure proper installation and consistently provide our highest level of quality.