Designing Hardware with You in Mind

As an industry leader, First Mobile Technologies has the capability to custom design, engineer, and manufacture high-quality, cost-effective mobile computer mounting systems. Our full-time staff of mechanical engineers allows us to offer on-site, custom products designed around specific customer needs. Our experience and understanding of the industry provides the highest-end products at competitive prices. Safety and performance are FMT’s standards.

Our products are engineered and manufactured to exact specifications. All metal materials are laser cut to exact detail, with rounded edges and corners for safety. We protect each item with an electrostatic powder coating to eliminate glare and fingerprints for a consistent, durable finish. All FMT products are designed to be installed with basic hand tools, and most of our hardware can be installed without any drilling or vehicle modification.

All FMT products are subjected to an extensive design cycle, implemented to optimize strength, functionality and reliability, while simultaneously minimizing development time. The first phase defines the exact product design parameters and features, which are developed through customer direction and feedback, as well as our own extensive knowledge and field experience.

We then utilize a very popular and powerful CAD/CAM program to quickly and efficiently complete our preliminary design. The next step is to manufacture one or more prototype units for testing and evaluation. Nearly all FMT products are manufactured using a laser cutter with extremely tight tolerances. Once testing and evaluation is completed, we can then quickly transition to full-scale production.

FMT has the knowledge, experience, reputation, passion, and expertise needed to offer the best mobile hardware solutions. Our success is the result of a full turnkey approach that enables us to design, engineer, and manufacture computer hardware to exact specifications. FMT products equal quality and reliability, period.