The First Mobile Approach

Founded in 1994, First Mobile Technologies (FMT) provides full turnkey hardware solutions for integrating mobile computers, GPS systems, mounting equipment, and communication systems into environments requiring rugged technology.

FMT operates as a division of First Vehicle Services: the largest provider of fleet management and maintenance services in the United States, handling more than 40,000 vehicles at over 120 locations throughout the country. As a part of this $10 billion organization, FMT has the financial and management support necessary to provide the latest mobile technology and equipment installation in a customer-focused environment.

We are proud to be the only company in the industry that manages the entire process from design and engineering to manufacturing, project management, and installation. Our turnkey approach allows for a seamless integration of the mobile computer requirements with the complete upfit package, making FMT the only national provider offering complete mobile solutions from start to finish.

Our focus is on providing the latest technology, customized to exact vehicle specifications, and supported by our team of experts. We are committed to ensuring that vehicles are equipped with high-quality mobile computers and peripherals that will perform under the most demanding conditions.

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